Thursday, October 29, 2009

the pause button has been clicked.

away till 8th december 2009
don't ask me why.
it's a silly question.
graduation pics?
private property mehh.
give me yours and i'll give mine
spm candidates,
if u read this,
better click .
get your gluteus maximus off your chair,
and start focusing on your critical subjects.
seriously. don't gamble your life.
i wish you all the best
god willing
together we create a history
let our victory be the most precious gift
to our own retiree soon-to-be
(don't ask, you know who)
(mak saye pesan, bila main internet, ignore sesape yang tak dikenali)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

gua lapar la beb.

anda suka burger ayam?
saya pon suka burger ayam.
spicy chicken mcdeluxe yang enak cenggini
memang ade jual kat sume McD
anda suka duit?
saya pon suka duit.
tapi saya pasti anda takkan jumpa burger duit camni kat mane2 McD di muka bumi nih.

(terserlah dengan izhar halqi akan gigi rabbit aku)