Thursday, June 25, 2009

honesty is the best policy

things i learnt today:

bestarians were totally nothing without sabri lee
why u didn't come aaa sarahhh
too many stories to tell u laaa
kak long either
pity adik tauu

i was touched by a girl from 5m
during the spotcheck today,
i asked those girls
" anyone bring phones today?
before i check all of you
it is very good if you can cooperate"

no one stepped forward
except this girl
she took out her phone from her pocket
and she put on the table, in front of me

i looked at her face
i wonder why she was so honest to me?
from that second
i swore to myself

this girl will get my full respectation
i will always honour and respect her
i prayed for her excellence in exams
may her life showered by godbless

for those who hid your phone underneath your panties,
just a simple wish from me to you:

hope you enjoy using your 'HYGIENE' phone

and for those people i did wrong to them
i am very sorry
i'm just a human
can't avoid from making sins and hurting somebody else~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

shout and cry in silence are the best things to do

bad day
i lost two things
my very most important things
it's hard to accept the fact
that they are no longer mine
but why shud they leave me at the same time?
aren't they know?
faridah hanim
isnt tough enough as they think

i lost all my messages
all the reminders
all the ringtonesall the memories
all the jokes
all the tears
all the advices from mbok
all the raya greetings
all the birthday wishes
all the inspiration from afif
sorry la geng
i broke my promise
your messages is no longer in my phone

i lost my heart
i scratched it
i smashed it
and when it shattered into pieces,
i stepped on it
with almighty anger

why am i so 'clever' ?
i spoke to her
i asked her
i gave that thing to her
i revealed the truth that i knew
and i broke into invisible tears
that no one can see

shame on you if u fool me once
shame on me if you fool me twice

i told my parents all the silly things
i shared with them my feelings
i collected back my broken heart
i repaired those pieces with worn-out tools
i stood with brittle leftovers
i tried to build a new HANIM

a no longer can be fooled
a no longer can be simply humiliated
a higher level upgraded
a much more stronger irongirl
a very much inspired
a girl, whom never think of being a loser
because since i was born in this world
i knew that



Sunday, June 21, 2009

bapakku poyo

wahai ayoh yang poyo

hepi father's day
orang akan sentiasa mengepau harta duniawimu

Thursday, June 4, 2009

bile laa aku nak pandai...

kalau korang tanye kat kawan aku sume
"paper ape yg korang paling takut @ bedebar sekali?"
gerenti diorang cakap bio paper 2 la, kimia paper 2 la
tapi aku lain sikit
paper yang orang lain anggap senang
bagi aku tu yang sebenarnya 'hukuman gantung mandatori'
oh teripel wan nain,
aku tak tau la camane nak buat dengan ko

orang lain sibuk tulis blog dlm english
aku lak merapu gune BM

orang lain layan hitz, fly,
aku bantai klasik nasional

orang lain duk bace novel twilight la, meg cabot la
aku ngadap komik shin chan ngan doraemon

orang lain petik channel mtv ngan v
aku bantai channel 180

orang lain fasih speaking
aku pelat lagi
orang lain ade harapan sambung medic kat ireland
aku nak dapat indon pon kerat jari

orang lain essay 1119 buleh 40++
aku 38 pon tak lepas
ni haa contohnye
korang jangan gelak lebih lebih tau
sikit sikit cukup
tapi korg bukannye buleh nampak pon
takpe takpe
janji korang nampak yang merah merah tu

aku rase muhammad nazmi bin muhamad nazim lagi pandai english daripada aku
kan nazmi kan?
nazmi pon lagi rajin study daripada chik anim kan?

hee hok hee hok~