Thursday, February 26, 2009

the spirit of February

ramai giler celebrate besdey bulan nih
including me!
well, being seventeen
will not be easy as I imagine
but those words, hugs, kisses, presents, triumph
(plus molested by yaya noneng)
boosted my spirit
his skyline,
their 3 million ringgit worth mansion,
and her patience and evil
kekda! first time in my life
after all mischief you did,
u brought 'hidayah' to your sister!


guys, just a simple wish

22nd february
hepi besdey che!!!

25th february

hepi belated besdey adik!!!


26th february
hepi besdey paih!


27 february

hepi besdey nujelang!
walaupon ak tau kite dok mcm dulu
tapi x bermakne aku lupe besdey mu
bile kite dah ok,
i'll treat you with nice egg sandwich aaa?
happy to see your chubby face
kedarah bekal aku!